Criselda Volks Scandal Tape

Criselda VolksThe Pinay Sex Scandal of the Year! It is really scandalous sexual tape of all in the Philippine history of entertainment. Scandal Criselda Volks Sex established record Ethel Booba. On it jutjub video of Criselda Volks recognised that actually she is a girl on video and the guy by whom it does, it with is its real friend. The assumption that from a foreshortening the guy is similar on Willie Revillame and Jay Manalo:
Criselda Volks Sex TapeCriselda Volks has confirmed on news of celebrity ABS-KBN Buzz that the mentioned sexual tape of scandal circulating on the Internet and sillfones, is true, and it was is taken by its ex-friend for personal use only. Criselda Volks repeat that it is personal video, and she did not know, who has passed the file mentioned by video. Volks also has added that it has no regret doing with video, and does not believe that its former friend - that behind on the reference of sexual video. It was with the friend 5 years ago when they removed each other.
Criselda VolksThere are also hearings that once a known sexual kitten of Krizelda Volks change its body for simple 1 000 peso only to satisfy its drugs and propensity of a casino. These hearings were responded by Criselda Volks, and have told to be so not clear and false statements. By the way there are four videos which online filtered, I betted 3, and 4 most scandalous sexual scandal of Criselda Volks

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